Braids for Spring Racing Carnival...a hair how to.

This fun hair style is a great idea for Spring Racing Carnival, especially if it's a windy day. Pantene were kind enough to share their step by step with me. You can see my DIY version and everything I used to create the look at the end of this post.
This look was inspired by the SS14 Moschino show, which marked the 30th Anniversary of the Fashion House and created by Sam McKnight, Global Pantene Stylist Ambassador.
Two hair looks were created for this special show – good girl vs evil girl. The ‘good girl’ hair look was inspired by innocence and youth and comprised of a braid on either side of the head that met in the middle above the nape of the neck and was twisted into a delicate bun.  This ethereal and angelic look juxtaposed the sharp side parting and slick finish of that of the ‘evil girl’.

Get the Good Hair look:

  • Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair using Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Apply Pantene Styling Treatment Foam Soft Curls through the hair from root to tip and brush through
  • Blow-dry with a round brush if you have curly hair and rough dry if your hair is straight
  • Apply Pantene Intensive Damage Repair Oil to the ends of the hair for a smooth and healthy finish
  • Create a centre parting all the way down the head (I did a zig zag parting) and section off into two pony tails either side of the head
  • Braid the hair at each side of the head from front to back along the sides of the head and join the braids together just above the nape of the neck
  • Tie with elastic and then fold the tail of the braid back up on itself, forming a bun
  • Tease the braids for an imperfect texture and spray with Pantene Stay Smooth Hairspray to keep everything in place

Time for a colour touch up too!

Stay tuned for some more 35+ beauty and make-up posts for Spring.

x Marnie

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So you wanna be a Make-Up Artist? part 3

So, I'm on the home stretch of my Ultimate Artistry Course with FX with the RPM online Make-Up Academy.

I have talked about this course before (here) & (here) and highly recommend it for beginners or anyone (like myself) that is experienced but just wants a refresher or to pick up some new skills like airbrushing. I airbrushed the Blue Creature below as part of the course exams.

Here's some more work I've been doing, using a few little tricks and techniques I've learnt.

I've got 2 more exams to go and I'm done! what next?
glad you asked.

I've just enrolled in RPM's Eyelash Extension Course and have already begun training. The online training makes it so easy to fit in with my busy life....just like all of us.
As soon as I'm finished the lash extension training, I've planned to do the Facial Training Courses with RPM. With all of the wedding work I do, these courses will add to my skill set and give me the opportunity to generate a bigger income for myself and my family.

Check out the video's below to see what you can learn....they have so many great course.....I want to do them all!

Now all I need are some willing faces....who's up for a facial?

 Here's the link to the facial courses 

x Marnie

Disclosure: This product was provided for editorial consideration. 3pickles has no affiliation with any companies mentioned. All opinions are those of the author.

Dinner in 20 mins - I can do that

Can you get dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less? I'm not talking frozen meals or junk from the takeaway, I 'm talking home cooked...with a little help.

In this case, I'm talking of the most requested meals around these parts. My family don't like it any old way either. They have become pizza connoisseurs and it's my fault.

As you may have seen from a recent post, Mr3P and I met up with some of the lovely people at Bakers Delight and tried their take home, DIY, fresh pizza bases. I'm impressed with how tasty they are and how they take all the hassle out of making your own bases, or buying those less than fresh ones I've seen in the supermarkets (which, yes, I have tried them too and IMO, they don't taste home made).

You don't have to be a master chef of even a pizza chef to turn out these meals in no time at all. I simply popped into my local Bakers Delight and grabbed a few fresh bases (they come in packs of 2).

Place your fresh (par cooked) Bakers Delight bases on a pizza tray or an oven tray if you don't have one.

Add some pizza sauce.

Top with a few of your favourite toppings...I like to do a quick prep and put all of my intended toppings on a plate on in some bowls. 

We like to get the kids to top their own pizza, so there is no arguing over who wants what or picking off of toppings later. A nice way also to get them involved in the dinner making process. My pickles LOVE cooking with's just the washing up part that they suddenly become magicians, and disappear..................

These pizzas take around 10 minutes to bake at around 200ÂșC, depending on your toppings.

I like to serve the pizzas with a fresh salad and lemonade!

My favourite topping for a pizza is chorizo, anchovies, mushrooms, olives and capsicum with a tomato or ricotta sauce on the base.

I'm doing a little giveaway on my Facebook page, thanks to Bakers Delight. Just pop on over and tell me what your favourite topping for your pizza is. I have 3 kids colouring packs (to give them something to do while you assemble and bake you pizzas!) You need to use the hashtag #BDpizza and #BakersDelight in your Facebook post.Or feel free to post pics of your creations on Instagram with the same hashtags and @3picklesMarnie

Only open to Aussie residents sorry.
I'll choose my 3 favourites over the next few days and announce it on Facebook this weekend.

Happy pizza making!

x Marnie

Beauty Favourites August

Well August is drawing to an end this week and Spring is almost here!! I'm looking forward to some sunshine and warmth as Melbourne certainly did it's best to freeze me from top to toe this year.
In Winter, I find my already dry skin cops a beating from the cold and artificial heating and too many hot showers.
Below are a few of my favourite products that I've been using this month.

This is Pantene's NEW Ice Shine, Pantene’s new silicone, dye and paraben-free collection that protects against damage to give you a healthy, natural looking shine with zero weight and zero residue....that's the claim and now that I've been using it for a while, I can tell you that it is fantastic. I don't feel that build up in my hair like I do with a lot of products on the market. My hair seems to hold the style longer since I've been using this too.

 I've been slathering the Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturising Lotion on after a shower. The lightly scented lotion absorbs really well, so I can dress quickly...there's nothing worse that waiting for a body lotion to absorb while you freeze your bits off or dressing while it's still wet and your clothes feel gross on you. I regularly skip body lotion for this reason and wonder why my skin feels so dry. Happy to have found this little gem.
 I was asked by Aveeno if I'd like to try this facial moisturiser, BUT I already had it and have been a fan for many months. 

I like how I get an SPF in this moisturiser but it doesn't smell or feel like I'm wearing a sunscreen. There are natural "light diffusers" to give you a slight glow...and yes it DOES! I normally would think this was a bit of advertising fluff, but it does give your skin a lovely radiance. 

I took this great for travel bottle with me on a recent road trip and used it every day and leaking!

Ahh, know I love you so. 

These 4 products are my dry skin lifesavers. You have probably heard me go on about the Skin Balancing Face Oil in the past and on my Instagram or Twitter. The Herbal Recovery Gel has been a star on my skincare regime this season and is a must under the oil after too many late nights.

If you have dry skin, do yourself a favour and try this out! I wear it under makeup too.

My tweezers are always going walkabout, so I purchased some girly looking ones from my local hairdressing supplier. Very cute and hidden in a secret place......

How many times have you been in the shower with a treatment in your hair....your standing there, reading the instructions on the bottle where it says "gently comb through hair"? Doh! So then you have to get out of the shower, drip everywhere, freeze your bits off (again) to rummage through looking for a comb.....well not anymore!  I picked up this cute comb from Priceline for around $3 and it easily hangs on the shower tap. And it's PINK!! 

So there you have my little list of faves for this month. 

I'll be back tomorrow with some 20 minute meal ideas and maybe a giveaway. 

See you then xx


Disclosure: These products (Jurlique and Pantene) were provided for editorial consideration. 3pickles has no affiliation with any companies mentioned and has received no remuneration for posting this review. All opinions are those of the author.